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Here again [Dec. 28th, 2006|09:11 pm]
The Post-Wellesley Land of Online Communication


[mood |sicksick]

I just got back to Cambridge yesterday. Brittany, Sarah, Erin and I had a little Chrannukah celebration on Friday...too sad without everyone there! Christmas was fun...got some clothes, jewelry, a scarf, and a ladybug kitchen timer. It was a bit weird being home for a few days...It's odd how much people can change, even me.
As usual, the fam went to the Providence Place mall (well, the hotel, but we were basically at the mall) for a couple days. I saw the relatives and went shopping (got some boots, even though it hasn't really snowed)...it's all very weird how my cousins are so old now. I wonder how much longer these Christmas reunions will go on.

I've taken to renting tons on Blockbuster movies since everyone I know (including pretty much all my neighbors) are on vacation...a bit sad given the weak selection...though I did see Little Miss Sunshine again! That was good.

I'm kindof out of it because I'm on some Benadryl, but just checking in...

Anyone got stuff going on for New Year's?