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Huh - The Post-Wellesley Land of Online Communication [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Post-Wellesley Land of Online Communication

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Huh [Sep. 28th, 2006|01:26 am]
The Post-Wellesley Land of Online Communication


A thought just occurred to me...does anyone else have myspace? I realized that I have myspace, but I'm not sure if I had ever mentioned that to you guys. It'd be funny if any of you were on there, but you had never mentioned it, either!

Here is my goofy profile.

Myspace is really actually annoying as hell, and it mostly gets used by me as a place to be a fangirl, since the two big contingents of people who I'm friends with on myspace are the cast members of "The Office" and Pottercast people. Still, if any of you happened to have it, FRIEND MEEEEE.

[User Picture]From: gabrabbit
2006-09-28 04:10 pm (UTC)
yeah, i don't have a myspace page but more and more i think i should make one. but then i also think that i shouldn't make one. the only reasons i would make one would be to friend famous people, as you say (like the lead singer of del amitri who has a page ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! that would be so cool if he added me....) i agree it's an annoying thing (facebook is annoying at times too, but myspace just looks like it would be even more so), so that makes me reluctant to sell my soul to it along with everything else. and, i've recently discovered that a lot of people at my job have myspace pages, so i've been able to stalk them rather conveniently, but i'm not really prepared to put myself out there for them to see me and/or friend me. i certainly don't plan on friending any of them any time soon.... i'm not sure why that is though.

so that's my take on myspace for now. melody, how long have you had a page?
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[User Picture]From: melodywenn
2006-09-28 04:17 pm (UTC)
I've had it since...March, I think? Yeah, like I said the main reason I made it was for all the "Office" people! And now there are lots of Pottercast people on too, so that's cool.

It is super annoying, to be honest. But it is fun enough! (Especially when famous people who rock are on it!)
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